About Our Lab

We are a team of biologists, computer scientists, and computational biologists working to develop new data science approaches that help address key challenges in cancer biology, with a focus on understanding the cellular hierarchies and stromal elements that underlie tumor initiation, progression, and metastasis. Lab photo gallery >>

Aaron Newman, PhD
Principal Investigator
Farnaz Khameneh
Lab Manager
I am a lab manager and life science research professional in the Newman Lab with a passion for cancer research. I perform both technical and functional experiments to help the team interpret, validate, and refine their computational findings. When I am not doing experiments in the lab, I love spending time with my daughter and close friends.
Erin Brown
Bioinformatics Data Analyst
I am a research data analyst in the Newman Lab with a background in math, physics, and data science. My interests lie in applying computational methods to better understand cancer mechanisms and improve patient outcomes. Outside of work, I enjoy reading, hiking with my dog, and exploring the Bay Area with friends.
Chloe Steen, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar
I am a computational biologist from Norway. I have a B.Sc and M.Sc in Molecular Biology, but switched fields to computational biology for my PhD. My interests lie in studying tumor evolution and heterogeneity, with a special focus on lymphomas. In my spare time I enjoy running and playing board games.
Alex Lozano
MD/PhD Candidate
I am an MD/PhD student in my 4th year jointly mentored by Prof. Shan X. Wang in the School of Engineering. I work on understanding cancer treatment through the lens of mRNA sequencing data and am excited by the impact of computational tools in medicine. I am from Toronto, Canada and outside of lab I enjoy exploring California, hiking, and searching for the best coffee in the Bay.
Bogdan Luca, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar
I am a computational biologist interested in developing analytical frameworks for improving cancer detection, patient stratification and response to therapy. Outside work, I like to explore California’s natural attractions, discover good restaurants with my friends, and attend various social/cultural events.
Minji Kang
PhD Candidate
I am a PhD student in Computer Science. I am interested in decoding molecular biology data to discover insights into the mechanisms underlying human diseases. Outside of research, I love listening to music, playing the piano, and taking photos.
Nicholas Midler
Master's Student
I'm a Master's student in Biomedical Informatics. My research focuses on using single-cell RNA sequencing to study the cell cycle. When not in lab, I like writing and surfing.
Felix Teufel
Research Intern
I am a biotechnologist working on stem cell single-cell transcriptomics. Having done wet lab research for most of my studies, I am interested in developing machine learning methods that have the potential of replacing tedious experiments. Outside of work, I enjoy skiing and working on improving my pizza baking skills.

Lab Alumni

Gunsagar Gulati, MD/PhD
PhD Student
Current: Resident, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston
Milad Vahid, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar
Current: Data Scientist, Sanofi
Farshad Farshidfar, MD/PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar
Current: Tenaya Therapeutics, Inc.
Anoop Manjunath
Current: Stanford Medical School
Brandon Turner
MD candidate
Current: Harvard Radiation Oncology Residency Program
Mark Berger
Rotation student
Current: Software Engineer at Robinhood
Francisco "Kiko" Ilagan
Current: Software Engineer at Facebook
Minjeong "MJ" Lee
Administrative Associate
Current: Industry
Candace Liu
Rotation student
Current: Stanford PhD student