Workshop on Single Cell Spatial Biology for Precision Cancer Medicine
Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (PSB) 2023


In cancer, complex communities of interacting cell types form powerful signaling networks that shape tumorigenesis. To facilitate new opportunities for individualized cancer management and therapeutic intervention, powerful analytical methods are needed to identify spatially-defined tumor microenvironments and their associations with clinical outcome.

In this PSB 2023 workshop, we will explore and highlight recent advances in computational biology at the nexus of single cell spatial biology and precision cancer medicine. The workshop will consist of five 30-minute talks on state-of-the-art computational methods for spatial biology analysis, each given by an expert in the field. There will also be a 15-minute forum for open discussion. Topics will include multiplexed imaging, spatial transcriptomics, and platform integration (e.g., alignment of single-cell and spatial transcriptomics), with an emphasis on basic and translational cancer research. Our goal is to stimulate new ideas, foster critical debate, and form new collaborations in this exciting and emerging research area.


Aaron Newman, PhD, Assistant Professor
Andrew Gentles, PhD, Assistant Professor

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Andrew Gentles, PhD, Stanford
Ajit Nirmal, PhD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Emma Lundberg, PhD, Stanford
Laura Heiser, PhD, Oregon Health & Science University
Aaron Newman, PhD, Stanford