Cancer Biology

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CytoSPACE is published in Nature Biotechnology! Congrats to Milad, Erin, Chloe, and the rest of the team!
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Congrats to Jose Juan Almagro Armenteros for being awarded a School of Medicine Dean's Postdoctoral Fellowship!
Rachel Gleyzer passed her qualifying exam in the Cancer Biology program. Congrats!
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Xikun Zhang (PhD candidate, Computer Science) has officially joined the lab. Welcome!

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Digital Cytometry

Tissue composition is a major determinant of phenotypic variation and a key factor influencing disease outcomes. Although single cell RNA sequencing has emerged as a powerful technique for characterizing cellular heterogeneity, it is currently impractical for large sample cohorts and cannot be applied to fixed specimens collected as part of routine clinical care. To overcome these challenges, we have developed new platforms for digital cytometry, including CIBERSORTx, EcoTyper, and CytoSPACE. These approaches leverage single-cell RNA sequencing and expression deconvolution, enabling large-scale and spatially-informed cell profiling of complex tissue specimens. We are currently applying these frameworks to address multiple biological and clinical questions of interest across diverse tumor types.